This Recycling Station is available in 3 or 4 piece format.


We can change the labelling to suit the clients requirements.


What we offer is:

  • 60ltr Blue Slit – Paper or Cardboard Recycling
  • 60ltr Yellow Round Hole – General Recycling, ie bottles
  • 60ltr Red Round Hole – Rubbish, but often used as another recycling bin
  • 45ltr or 68ltr Foot Operated Rubbish Bin – Ideal for General Rubbish as it reduces bad smells and eliminates vermin problems.

We can mix and match whichever bins you require.

Bins are discreet and tidy as rubbish and recycling are not easily seen.

This makes a great system for offices, schools, workshops, rest homes, restaurants, council areas.

Also available are trays on wheels for the bottom of the bins which can be locked together for ease of movement and cleaning.


  • Volume:60ltrs
  • Dimensions:400mm x 350mm x 650mm

Also available with wheels.


This listing is for x 3 / 60ltr Bins as per main image without wheels.

Waiste & Recycling Station 60ltr Set of 3