The BUG EATER is a safe method of controlling mosquitoes, sandflies and other flying insects that bite and carry diseases without resorting to Pesticides, Insecticides or Poisons – using only household dish detergent. 


  • The flying insects are attracted to the irresistible UV Black Light of the Bug Eater.
  • The powerfule hidden fan inside the unit creates a downdraft.
  • The insects are blown down into the tray of soapy water and drown.

Airstream is directed in a cylindrical configuration inside the BUG EATER around the ultraviolet lamp and into the tray.



  • Mosquitoes, Sandflies & Midge
  • Coddle Moth (Parent of Lawn Army Grub / Cut Worm)
  • Wax Moth (Bee Industry)
  • Beetles – Monolepta, Black & Christmas
  • Indianmeal Moth ( Grain / Dries Fruit)
  • Fungal Gnat
  • Heliothis Moth
  • Vinegar & Fermentation Fly


Households, Work Place, Agriculture, Horticulture, Schools, Holiday Resorts, Food Preparation areas.



The BUGEATER is best placed as far as possible away from the area where you entertain, relax, BBQ, play, swim or work and well away from the centre of activity and facing the area which is to be protected. Being directional, the BUGEATER draws the insects from areas you want to protect.           It works by line-of-sight, so if the bugs can see it, they will be attracted to it. The BUG EATER covers an area of 1 acre directionally

The unit is rated to use outside in all weather conditions. Do not compete with the setting sun or night lights.



The BUG EATER comes with a mounting bracket and screws and can be mounted on a tree, fence or building.   Extras brackets are available if required. Can be used free standing. Do not (except in special cases) mount the unit higher than 1.5 metres above the ground.



Fill Tray with 2/3rds water and add low scented Dishwashing Detergent. The detergent in the water breaks the surface tension and the insects sink to the bottom and drown.


The BUG EATER should be turned on at dusk and off at Dawn – every night.

Bug Eater Insect Trap

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